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Success On The Mats (& Off)….. the secret most people don’t want to know!

On the Jiu Jitsu mats, there is simply no replacement for hard work. The latest fancy technique of some world champion will not stop the senior students in the academy smashing you. That world champion has likely been practicing that technique for hours per day for the last decade! No matter what techniques you choose, it is the attitude of relentless pursuit of the technique in terms of technical instruction, drilling and live pressure testing that creates success on the BJJ mats.

However, no success on the mats or in life happens overnight. Success, on or off the mats, requires a LOT of hard work for a LONG time! If anything in life was easy, then most people would already have this ‘success’ and it would be called ‘normal life’. I have found in both my personal life, business life and Jiu Jitsu life, that success ALWAYS lay just PAST the point where I wanted to give up. Don’t play the victim: Be a man (or woman!) and don’t give up on your dreams when a roadblock pops up. Smash through that road block with your intense desire to succeed no matter what.

To summarise this brief rant: Vision, passion and goals are extremely valuable tools for BJJ or life improvement but none of these tools will work unless you do! So before you sit down and watch your favourite TV show tonight, maybe ask if you could have spent those HOURS of your day a little more wisely. Work hard people, then patiently wait for your hard work to pay off!

See you all on the mats – Coach Tom (-: