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Improve Your Jiu Jitsu With Easy to Follow Instructionals

The difference in executing a technique flawlessly compared to total failure is almost always very small, but those ‘small’ key changes make all the difference.  Join us and learn what the masters of the sport have spent years perfecting and understanding.

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Why Learn With Us?


Over 15 Years of Experience

Coach Tom, founder of The Grappling Academy, has been training most of his life, running his own school for the past 10 years!


Over 5,000 Enrolled

Thousands have trusted us with their Jiu-Jitsu journey


Backed by a 114K+ YouTube Community

Starting off with free content on YouTube, we decided to give more value to our viewers by founding our online academy!


World Class Trainers

Coach Tom travels worldwide to compete and train with the top BJJ practitioners. With this hands-on experience, he brings you the best of the best training to help improve your Jiu-Jitsu!

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Hacks, Tricks, And Cheats!

Just a simple little trick can move your ability on the mat up to a complete new level! When you have access to these simple little techniques, concepts and ideas. You will genuinely feel like you are cheating. Good news for you. Bad for your opponent.


What Our Students Say

‘Started hitting the moves laid out in these courses the very next class...extremely uplifting to have such a quick improvement in my game’

- Houston, TX

‘I’m the only white belt in the academy doing these moves…I’m suddenly competing at a blue belt and above level…thanks Coach Tom’

- LA, California

‘Some of the best strategies you are going to see for control and submission’

- London, UK

‘The detailed way Prof Tom breaks down his moves into the absolute essentials is just next level for me. This is absolute gold‘

- Sydney, Australia

‘Most of the guys at my Academy, have about 60lbs on me, but since purchasing your ‘Kimura Attack system’ and ’14 days’ everything has changed. I feel much more confident, roll better and the guys on the mat have commented on the same. Thanks, Coach Tom’

– Dallas, TX

‘I know you have your names for your courses, but I’ve renamed them the ‘Zero to hero’ courses, I went from getting constantly owned, to now being completely dominant on the mat in no time at all’

- San Diego, California

‘I use the course material heaps, and just recently put it into action at a local comp, walked away with double gold. No one was more surprised than me!

- Miami, Florida

‘As a new white belt, these classes have helped me so much, Prof Tom’s technique, the details, and his attitude. I love how Prof. Tom shows the ‘mistakes people make’ and then shows the correct way of doing things. The only one I have ever seen do this’

– New York, New York

'Great videos, great instruction. I just watch them for hours'

- Melbourne, Australia

‘The instructional saved me big time at a recent comp, my opponent was def more experienced, but that was ok, coz I had Prof Tom’s video in my brain. Nailed it and scored gold’

- Colorado, Denver

‘All of it. Everything you show in your awesome videos are now my ‘go to techniques’. Thanks for your vids Prof, Tom’

- Houston, TX

‘You really have to watch every second of the video because Prof, Tom drops these little nuggets of gold throughout the course. And they make ALL the difference. The only one doing this. Keep them coming Professor’

- NY, New York

‘If I could only be taught from one person, Prof Tom would be it. I can’t wait to train in person one day’

– Dallas, TX

‘Went to a recent competition with these videos fresh in my mind. I knew I had an edge and the confidence this gave me was unreal. Got the gold. All submission wins!'
– LA, California


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have a Gi to learn from these courses?

You don’t have to have a Gi to learn from our courses. Some lessons go over techniques specific to the Gi, but most of the training teaches position and technique that you can apply to Gi and no-gi training

Do I need a partner to watch the videos with?

You do not, but you would need a partner to effectively drill and execute the techniques we teach properly. The goal of our courses is to better equip you on the mat, being able to use the training to get advantages and win matches.

If I have a question when watching the lesson where do I ask it?

All of our courses come with a Q&A section. Once you access the lessons you can pause the video and ask your question or browse the forum to find your answer!

Can I go back to a previous lesson and rewatch my courses?

Yes! Once you are given access to a course you have it for life! You can go through it, pause it, and replay it as many times as you want 🙂

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